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On disc: Buried In Black

Black Death - Mike Thompson - 6 stars

Black Death

Black Death
(AFM Records - 2011)

Buried In Black is a five-piece death metal band from Germany's eternal metal city; Hamburg. The quintet formed in 2008, released a demo in 2010 and having inked a deal with AFM Records have just unleashed the debut full-length.

For a band that has had such a quick turnaround from forming to a deal with a major metal label you might expect there to be something a little different about Buried In Black. As it stands, however, if you're looking for something fresh and original I'm afraid you're going to be disappointed.

Black Death is essentially death metal by numbers, although it does have some groove metal overtones in the vocal delivery of Ron Brunke, who at times sounds akin to a death metal version of Phil Anselmo. Now, I'm not a guy who really cares overly much about original sounds. I'd much rather a band created good death metal than some pseudo-experimental shit that may show growth as a musician but is utter crap to my ears. In this Buried In Black do deliver. To an extent. The album is full of decent riffs and some quality solos, however, it is missing 'something'.

I really can't put my finger on what it is that relegates this album to a merely average death metal release rather than the great one it could have been. There's nothing particularly wrong with any of it but it just doesn't really hold your attention, nothing about it sticks in your memory (apart from the awesome cover art) and listening to it just isn't that pleasurable.

I'm sorry to say that there are many more death metal albums that you should give a listen to before even entertaining the notion of giving this a sniff. If you find it cheap then it might be worth picking up. Its not a bad album, its just not a good one! Still, its more worthy of your time than Illid Divinum St Anger!

6 stars

Mike Thompson


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