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On disc: Burden

Man Of No Account (7") - Claudia Ehrhardt - 8 stars
A Hole In The Shell - Claudia Ehrhardt - 9 stars

A Hole In The Shell

A Hole In The Shell
(Vn Records - 2010)

With the single Man Of No Account they raised expectations, the single was well received by media and fans. Now it's time for their debut album which is called A Hole In The Shell.
They kick off with Bless The Broken, a heavy sludgy rocker with Thorsten's raspy vocals on top. At Done With Denial they add a dash of Black Sabbath, but there is also a hint of Soundgarden in the mix. Singer Thorsten sounds desperate, you can almost feel the pain. With Man Of No Account and The Slug. The Drag. The Misery both songs of the single made it onto the full-length - and I can't complain, coz they fit in perfectly and so probably more fans will listen to them. Between the two songs they embedded About The Veil And The Wound, is a bit slower and gives the listener a short break. Great tune!
Stampede is a heavy, mid-paced track with great riffing, but it's the following Process [Into Nothing] an epic rocker which sticks out and is one of the highlights of the album. Again it's Thorsten's vocals which ennobles the tune, but I don't want to minimize the work of the other band members! It's the package which works, Burden don't limit themselves and so they keep it interesting for the listener with variations - and the intensity of their songs. And that they show perfectly at Conflict, a long track which closes this chapter. Actually, when the music fades you shouldn't stop the disk, coz there is a hidden track, a slow acoustic track. Don't miss it!
A Hole In The Shell is a strong debut and I have no doubt that soon the German quintet will no longer be opening for bands like Saint Vitus!

9 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


Man Of No Account

Man Of No Account (7")
(Ván Records - 2010)

Burden was founded in 2006 by guitarist Saint D. to rock. This EP is a kind of appetizer for the upcoming album which shall be out in September.
The 2-track EP kicks of with The Slack, The Drag, The Misery, a song based on heavy riffs which spices up sludge metal with a dash of Southern rock. Thorsten's vocals are powerful and expressive. Razor-sharp riffs meet thunderous bass lines and hammering drums, pure rock, pure energy!
With Man Of No Account they show again that heaviness and melody are a perfect match. This time the vocals will hook you up! With Thorsten they have a great singer on board, something this kind of music really asks for.
This EP will make you want more! Fans of straight-forward rock have to wait for more til September, but this EP is very promising and I hope the album will meet the high expectations... Keep your eyes and ears open for Burden!

8 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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