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On disc: Bullethole

- Incarceration - Claudia Ehrhardt - 6 stars


(Black Lotus Rec. - 2003)

The Greek band Bullethole started in 1999 as Human Decay. After some line-up changes they recorded their first demo Hollow - still as Human Decay. In fall 2001 they recorded a four-track demo called Moment Of Hate. Soon after they decided to record six more tracks and to shop for a deal with the CD. During the 2nd recording period Black Lotus Records heard the promo and offered a 2-album deal. Due to the fact that there was an electro band named Human Decay the Greek renamed into Bullet­hole.
Musically the quartet present a kind of thrash core / Nu metal. The first notes remind me of Sepultura, but to quote the bio: "A fine mix between The Haunted, Hatebreed and lots of Bullethole!" To get an idea listen to Nothing Will Re­main! where Makis of Negative Creeps did some guest vocals. Btw, the album was recorded as a trio with Nick Nikoloudias (bs) as a studio musician.
Another interesting track is Broken Lies, Shattered Alibies. Or Liar which is more Nu metal, but also remind me of Sepultura's Roots (especially the chorus!).
Molesters is an unusual Bullethole track, an instrumental. A great song, but it doesn't fit into the album and so it's placed good at the end of the album.

? stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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