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On disc: Buckcherry

15 / Black Butterfly - Gisela Schmitz - 7 stars

15 / Black Butterfly

15 / Black Butterfly
(Eleven Seven Music - 2009)

Buckcherry were founded back in 1999 and in their home country America they are quite successful for a few years. Now their label tries to push them in Europe with a special release. The box set includes the last 2 studio albums - 15 (2006) and Black Butterfly (2008) - plus an additional CD including some previously unreleased live and acoustic versions as well as demos. Due to their Southern rock vibe I would compare them with Black Stone Cherry, but they also have some heavier sounds added - a dash of G'n'R and glam rock. The song writing is very good and songs like Everything, Sorry or Onset will hook you up with their catchiness and melodies. The album Black Butterfly is a bit heavier and the highlights of this one are Rescue Me and Don't Go Away. But even the other songs are more then just decent, they show creativity and variety. Okay, on both albums there are songs which are just average, but at least no fillers. The bonus EP offers 2 live tracks (Tired Of You, Don't Go Away), an acoustic one (Sorry) and two previously unreleased demo tracks (Nothing and Stayin' High). My resume, this box set really offers value for money, coz genre fans get a good round-up of Buckcherry's latest works and I can just recommend to give these talented guys a chance!

7 stars

Gisela Schmitz
(translation: Claudia Ehrhardt)


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