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On disc: Breed

Another War - Claudia Ehrhardt - 7 stars

Another War

Another War
(FaceFront - 2010)

The Norwegian band Breed is presenting their second album. The opener is called Bloodstone and kicks off slowly with acoustic guitar, then they go full force and the tune becomes a heavy, guitar-driven rocker. A bit like a heavy version of Accept - without the distinguish riffing - and a dash of BLS. Then they storm off into a thrashy groove monster called Hellride. Shouter Maurice Adams adjusts and offers some deep aggressive shouts and so gives the tune a slight hardcore touch. After Fire they ease up a bit and offer a powerful but balladesque metal track called I Am Not Lost. After the first 4 songs it's obvious who flexible singer Maurice is, but also the songs are offering a lot variety and so the album is quite entertaining. The slow balladesque passage at I Am Not Lost is a surprise and shows Breed's soft side. With a heavy groove, but also slow and balladesque they lead you into The Tide. The four Norwegians created an intense, melancholy track. Great tune!
Then they storm off again into a thrashy riff monster, Prisoner Of Carnage. Fast, heavy riffs and a 'Die, Die, Die' refrain to shout along make this one stick out. The thrasher Equilibrium starts tame, but then they unleash the monster. Again Damage Karlsen is showing off his skills at the leads. Another highlight is Inhale Your Life which combines the different facets of the Breed sound in on track, even if the balladesque element is missing. With the mean thrasher the groove-driven End In Slaughter is closing this chapter. Vocally a bit Pantera-ish... But this track has some twists and turns.
Breed deliver a strong album, but they need open-minded listeners, coz purist will just like one or the other track. The album is fun!

7 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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