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On disc: Terry Bozzio & Billy Sheehan

- Nine Short Films - Claudia Ehrhardt - 4 stars

Nine Short Films

Nine Short Films
(Magna Carta - 2002)

The first reaction when you read the names of these two musicians is "Wow!" An outstanding drummer and a great bassist and both played on more then 50 albums!!! And so the conclusion is that this is an interesting project, especially because the guys played all the instruments and split up the vocal parts as well. And so we listen to the psycho voice of Terry Bozzio which enchants the listener. Bozzio is responsible for the lyrics and so he also sung the songs beside playing drums (no doubt about that he would do the drums!). But that's not enough for Mr. Bozzio! He also played keyboards and took care of the percussion parts. And so former Mr. Big bassist Billy Sheehan took over all the strings.
Doesn't sound bad, right? Personally it ain't my cup of tea, even if I appreciate the talent of both musicians as individuals, but on this cooperation they result sound like a sound track for a David Lynch movie. Got it? At least this first half of the disc, later they vast their sound and include elements of different styles. Amazing how different this drummer can sound when he sings. If you wouldn't know that it's just Bozzio, you would guess that there are several singers on this CD.
At all the musical piece of the twosome is interesting for the skilled listener, but for the music fan which isn't and enjoys the simplicity of music should listen to more mainstream releases of these musicians.

4 stars

Amir Djawadi
(translation: Claudia Ehrhardt)


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