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On disc: Boysvoice

Boysvoice - Claudia Ehrhardt - 7 stars


(YesterRock Records - 2014)

This time YesterRock present the re-release of German band Boysvoice self-titled debut. The album was released in 1990 and I guess that fans of Bonfire, Mad Max, Craaft and Fair Warning - to pick some German bands - will remember them, at least their name. Singer and guitarist Mani Gruber polished the old tunes a bit. The opener Different Noises gives a good impression of the Boysvoice sound. A bit heavier and with a stomping beat they present Love Stealer, a song with a dash of arena rock. The opening passage of Bad Boys reminds me slightly of Grandmaster Flash / Sugarhill Gang... It has a late 70's / early 80's hip hop edge, but then it becomes an 80's melodic rocker - with a dash of Scorpions and backing's inspired by U.D.O. ... The ballad Searching For You sounds even more like Hanover's finest. Quite heavy is Chain Reaction, more metal so to speak, but still very melodic. A bit more variety resp tempi changes would have done the album good, even if with Cold Summer Nights they present a song with slow passages and rock parts. The Volksmusik-inspired Herzel is just a short intro for Rock You, a heavy stadium rocker la Def Leppard.

Back then I heard about Boysvoice, but never really listened to them - perhaps it was the cover artwork which make me miss this one... Anyway, nice to have the possibility to listen to it now!

7 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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