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On disc: Boulevard

What's Up - Claudia Ehrhardt - 5 stars

What's Up

What's Up
(YesterRock - 2012)

YesterRock is specialized in re-releases or first-time CD releases, this time they present Swedish hard rockers Boulevard. Their album What's Up was released in 1987 and it was their only full-length release. Songs like Solid As A Rock and Give Me Love sound like a lot late 80's bands from Scandinavia, but I think fans will be divided about their singer Roy El Hoshy... He has a unique voice, but sometimes sounds a bit out of tune... Roy El Hoshy gives some songs an early 80's sound... Do you remember when NWoBHM bands sometimes sounded strange, but were still cool? The riffing on Surrender - and even the vocals - are Accept influenced. At I'm What You Need the guitar has an audible Thin Lizzy sound - mixed into their glam rock. Still On My Way is a good one, even if a bit repetitive towards the end. As a bonus you get 3 of the songs as demo versions and so the sound is rougher.

In case of Boulevard you don't get a too polished album. Even if the songs have an late 80's edge, you'll find NWoBHM elements, but at that time the music scene changed, so this isn't a surprise. I think the band had potential, but singer Roy El Hoshy slowed them down. But perhaps it was just too early in their career... A lack of experience so to speak, especially on the vocal front while guitarists Lennart Widegren and Dick Börtner did a good job!

So far YesterRock presented a lot great releases, but to be honest Boulevard isn't among them. I can only recommend to listen to 2-3 songs and make up your mind.

5 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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