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On disc: Michael Bormann

d-i-f-f-e-r-e-n-t - Claudia Ehrhardt - 8 stars


(AOR Heaven - 2010)

Michael Bormann isn't a nobody to fans of hard rock and AOR. He was the singer of e.g. Jaded Heart, Bonfire, Rain, The Sygnet, Biss and still works with The Trophy, Zeno and Redrum beside pursuing a solo career. The song writer and multi-instrumentalist is now presenting his 4th studio album.
He opens up with Life Is A Miracle, first the voice and some music in the background, then he goes full force - and back to the reduced sound. An infectious rocker with Michael Bormann's voice on top. The up-tempo rocker To The Top revives the heydays of hair metal, but in a quality way. Think Twice offers acoustic guitar and symphonic elements. But it's Bormann's slightly raspy voice which gives the song some depths with his expressiveness. Acoustic tunes like Somebody remind me a bit of an acoustic version 80's Bon Jovi... Mr. Rock'n'Roll is... different. An acoustic rock tune with a Rock'n'Roll vibe. Not really one of my favorites, but more a matter of taste.
My Favorite Time reminds me of Great White or Tyketto (Last Sunset), something you soon hum along, sing along. With Breathless you get a catchy rocker. With Don't You Tell Me you'll get another ballad which is ennobled by some great guitar play. A real highlight is Wouldn't Let You Down, a touching rocker with balladesque passages. For Who Really Wants To Get Older he picks up speed, another infectious tune. Live this one will be pure fun!
The closer is a ballad with German lyrics which is called Was mir fehlt (eng.: what I miss). I'm not into the German lyrics, so I'm not to fond about this one.
Anyway, this album offers ballads and rockers from Michael Bormann who wrote the tracks, play all instruments and sang. Okay, he got some helping hand from Lanvall, Andreas Rippelmeier, Chris Ivo, Eric Ragno and Marco Grasshoff. Fans of Michael's voice and previous work will dig it, and fans of hard rock / AOR should give it a try too, especially if you are into some of the bands I mentioned above. Well done!

8 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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