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On disc: Bombs Of Hades

The Serpent's Redemption - Lars Bj°rn - 8 stars

The Serpent's Redemption

The Serpent's Redemption
(Pulverised Records - 2012)

Mot÷rhead are not playing death metal, but if they were . . . it would sound in the way that Bombs Of Hades are doing it. A special kind of metal it has to be said, but a listenable and interesting turn they have taken to show some other sides of the metal music. They have released some EPs and split albums, and now they come with their second full-length album of their own. 8 songs of skull piercing attacks, atmospheric guitar solos and metal inspired by Mot÷rhead. Start with a good melodic one, Crawl Away And Bleed Forever. No more no less a death metal song with bite and attitude, terrific start of the album. Darkness, My Soul gives us power death metal with both a great guitar solo, and then a long guitar outro to the song. Not every day you hear this kind of metal. Burn takes the revenge with super attacking death metal where you get an attitude so hard you would not believe it. The title song is The Serpent's Redemption, and here you get the sound of Mot÷rhead in a melodic death metal version, and also here there is an atmospheric outro that you would not believe. Skull Collector is another one of the great songs, melodic and hard, a style that could be labeled as multi metal. To end the album we get a foot stomping aggressive death metal song that are again in the vein of the Mot÷rhead spirit Scorched Earth, super and more super.

8 stars

Lars Bj°rn


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