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On disc: Bloody Mary

Party Music For Graveyards - Umberto Mino - 7 stars

Party Music For Graveyards

Party Music For Graveyards
(Valery Records - 2010)

Bloody Mary is an Italian band from Milan, a dark / gothic band born in year 2000 and this is their second album after their debut Blood'n'Roll of 2006. Also in this new episode they follow the steps of HIM and masters of this kind of genre, but this time with a concept. In these twelve songs / episode we can hear also a good cover version of Ramones' Pet Cemetery, but anyway let's proceed in a decent order......
First episode is called Velvet and in some ways reminds me old dark bands like Sundown... very cool!!! Second episode Better Down is always very easy and very cool.... a nice surprise. Next tracks Sobibor and Fallen Christ shows two different sides of this band (pessimistic and metallic), and Somebody To Love will take our ears again on their usual dark sound. Before You Fade is another good episode / track of this album. Next in line Dreamer and Getting Older are, in my opinion, the weak tracks of this record, but the following Pet Cemetery give me strength!!!!! The Right Way, Deathly Gone and The Reason close this album in a very good way, maybe because in some refrains I can recognize some echoes of my adored Paradise Lost!
At the end of this I can recognize in this band a good potential for the future and for the present in the biggest dark clubs of the planet!!! So please smile Bloody Mary, you are cool!!!

7 stars

Umberto Mino


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