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On disc: Bloodwritten

Whore EP - Mike Thompson - 7 stars

Whore EP

Whore EP
(self-released - 2010)

Well, this one certainly grabbed me by the balls and didn't let go! The first thing that attracted me to this EP was the cover art provided by Hillary Keller that features a rather delectable lady clad only in a bullet belt. Well, you can hardly blame me for my interest, can you!
This EP, eloquently titled Whore, had me hooked from the very first chord and kept my head a-banging in a suitably neck-cramping way! The sound of Bloodwritten is very reminiscent of Sodom and the harsher sounding thrash such as that produced by Exodus, Kreator and more recently French thrashers E-Force. In short, its exactly like I like my thrash!
The vocals are a bit harsher than your classic thrash vocalists. The likes of Bobby 'Blitz' and Tom Araya never had quite as much gravel for breakfast it seems! However, this type of harsh vocals is nothing new to thrash and even fit well with the aggressiveness of the music.
This Polish quintet hail from Warsaw and are currently seeking a record deal. Now, whilst the songs on the Whore EP aren't the most original thrash songs you will ever hear, they are still well done and quite good quality offerings from a relatively new band and lets face it is very rare to get real originality in thrash these days. With the current revival of the thrash metal scene it would surprise me, if this band remained unsigned for very long.
You can obtain this EP for free from the band's myspace at

7 stars

Mike Thompson


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