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On disc: Blood Stain Child

- Mozaiq - Claudia Ehrhardt - 7 stars


(Dockyard 1 - 2007)

Never heard of the Japanese band Blood Stain Child before, even if this is their second release outside Japan - the 4th album at all. Musically the Japanese sextet is presenting a very unique mixture of melodic death metal la In Flames combined with sweet melodies (clean vocals) and electronic beats - partly a bit like Passanger..... So the first song Exotic-6-Cordinator on Mozaiq is giving a good impression of Blood Stain Child. The track Freedom is slowing down a bit and has a gothic touch... Btw, on Freedom as on Metropolice and C.E.0079 they welcome Maripu who is adding some vocal parts. More aggressive is Pitch Black Room where they include trance elements! But then they surprise the listener with a slow piano part. A very unique mixture, but no easy listening! Blood Stain Child is challenging the listener with their combination of sounds. Words can hardly describe their sound, so check them out yourself!
The album was produced by the band and Tue Madsen who is known for his work with The Haunted, Mnemic and many others.
The band hardly fit into a genre and I'm not sure what's their target group, but everybody who is open-minded and can cope with electronic beats in combination with melodic death, should check them out. I recommend this album to everybody who has the album of Anders Fridn's band Passenger.
Check out: Exotic-6-Cordinator, Pitch Black Room and Another Dimension.

7 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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