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On disc: Bloodflowerz

- Dark Love Poems - Claudia Ehrhardt - 7 stars

Dark Love Poems

Dark Love Poems
(Silverdust - 2006)

After a 3 year break - after some members left the band - Bloodflowerz are back! Singer Kirsten and drummer Tim took time to find new members and working on new songs. With Sajida's Song they kick off heavy and fast, but groovy. A dancable dark gothic rocker driven by guitar riffs. A bit slower and balladesque Damaged Promises presents itself in the beginning, but late speed up and Kirsten's voice adds some sad note here and there. Partly she sounds very fragile, the next moment she's pleading. Very emotional. A solemn one is Illusionary Fields with heavy guitar riffing and some keyboard lines to support the bittersweet vocals. More aggressive sounds Violent Voices mainly due to the guitar riffing. Here the vocals sometimes have an edge that remind me of 4 Non-Blondes... Last, but not least Dead Love (A Necrology) which is a melancholy ballad which shows more emotions and is so more touching then the other tracks.
Listen to The Last Dance which has an interesting, Nu-metal-like drum beat or check out Damaged Promises. Anthem For A Stranger is another good choice, even if not everybody will like the shawm...
The gothic rock of the Germans is partly guitar-driven and partly based on electro sounds, but the vocals of Kirsten make this album sound homogenous. But in my opinion Kirsten's voice lacks the certain something and can't enthrall me like e.g. the voice of Simone Simons or Cristina Scabbia or even Sarah Jezebel Deva. But that's just a matter of taste, so if you are into female-fronted gothic rock, give it a try.

? stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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