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On disc: Blockk 16

- Too Brutal For Radio - Claudia Ehrhardt - 7 stars

Too Brutal For Radio

Too Brutal For Radio
(Raethoven - 2000)

I can't tell you much about the band Blockk 16, just that it's a quartet from New York. This MCD presents 5 tracks - at all 7 tracks, coz there are 2 versions of Drama King and Klada Klada - and it starts with Issues. Actually Issues is just a few seconds long intro of spoken words. Then the band starts straight off with Drama King. Musically this track fits into the genre crossover / Nu metal, actually more crossover... They remind me a little bit of Living Colour and of Faith No More here and there.... Heavy guitar riffing. With Grieve they change the musical direction a little. Slow, heavy parts, others are more aggressive, but here the vocals are very melodic. More modern heavy metal then Nu metal. The guitars are here more aggressive partly. A catchy tune which varies from almost heavy rock parts to the aggressiveness of Nu metal. The track Klada Klada starts with some words which sound Arabic - praising Allah as much as I can say - and then a shot. Groovy the track starts there are spoken words which sound like taken from some Army promotion. The singer joins in. A really heavy, grooving song with aggressive guitars, then again spoken words which seems to be taken from some news cast about the Iraqi war. Last, but not least - just followed by the radio edits of the mentioned songs - Love Lies. Another groovy tune, but heavy. The aggressive guitar parts make it so heavy. Partly with two singers. Interesting track.
I should mention that the band got joined in the studio by Savatage guitarist Chris Caffery. Even if I can just recommend Savatage fans to listen to it first, coz this has nothing in common with Savatage. But it's well done, even if it won't be easy for the band, coz this isn't the current trend.

7 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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