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No Matter The Cost - Claudia Ehrhardt - 8 stars

No Matter The Cost

No Matter The Cost
(Flatspot Records / Edgewood Records - 2018)

The New Jersey outfit named after a track from Agnostic Front and now they present No Matter The Cost, their 2nd full-length album. For the release Flatspot Records and Edgewood Records teamed up.

The opener Cast You Out shows the direction, straight-forward hardcore, but they also embed slower passages in between the heavy, but melodic riffs and the angry shouts of Mike Botti. At My Will not just guitarists Ryan Hoenings and Asa Scibetta show their talent, bassist AJ Hoenings can shine.

After some fast ones, they slow down a dash for Not For You, another riff-based track. For Never Enough they speed up again, but use tempi changes here and there, add some gang shouts and a dash of melody (guitars) next to aggression (vocals). Well done.

With Burn You Down they present their longest track, just 3 minutes, but nobody is expecting 7+ minutes from a hardcore outfit! Again they combine with speed, melody and aggression.

The title track is only 42 seconds long, so pay attention or you miss another good one!

If you like traditional straight-forward hardcore and open to check out a young band, so head over to their Bandcamp site and give it a try!

8 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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