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On disc: Blind Alley

- Infinity Ends - Sandra Bucher - 6 stars

Infinity Ends

Infinity Ends
(AOR Heaven - 2003)

AOR is what I like. Bands like Toto, Journey, REO Speedwagon and all the other American heroes are my faves. Now the Swedish band Blind Alley crossed my way. Infinity Ends is the title of the album which sounds a little dark and depressive, but their music isn't. Magnus Olsson, Hans Dimberg and Pierre Glans are quite good musicians, the song writing is okay. But I miss the catchiness, the hooks which make this music big, especial­ly in the States. The production sounds like been done back in the 80's. Actually I can't name a song as a highlight, all are okay, but nothing special. These songs lack the special something. They lack catchy refrains, mighty choirs or the natural charm songs from Journey and Boston have. I think they will find fans who like the Swedish, but I can just hope that next time they record an album it's more quality then quantity - 13 songs are on this disc. A better production and better arrangements probably would have done this one a better album.... But check out Here Comes The Heartache which is a quite good song, a bit cheesy probably... Anyway, gives a good idea about the sound of Blind Alley.

6 stars

Sandra Bucher
(translation: Claudia Ehrhardt)


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