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On disc: Black Witchery

Inferno Of Sacred Destruction - Mike Thompson - 7 stars

Inferno Of Sacred Destruction

Inferno Of Sacred Destruction
(Osmose Productions - 2010)

Back in 2002 Bestial Mockery released an album with the title Christcrushing Hammerchainsaw. The reason I mention this is because that particular title describes the exact sound that is on offer in this US cult's third full-length album. Floridian trio Black Witchery play what has come to be known as war metal; a particularly primal, ugly and unrelenting offshoot of black metal.

Lets make things clear. If you're looking for technical wizardry, catchy hooks, face-melting solos, songwriting genius and crushing riffs you may as well ignore this one. This is an album that you put on when you just want your skull crushed by brutality in music form. I'd go so far to say as you don't really listen to this album, you put it on as brutal background noise, for there is really nothing to tantalize the ear. From the opening song you will know exactly what to expect - blastbeat after blastbeat after blastbeat with Impurath's snarling and hate-filled growls over the top. At 22 minutes long it doesn't really get boring (it doesn't have a chance to) and the ambient interludes Intromamcy and Sepulchral Witchcraft do give you a short break from the incessant blasting.

Its certainly not a classic but if you're after an album with about as much subtlety as a sledgehammer to the face then this one will do. Undoubtedly Black Witchery's best album to date. Judas Iscariot will sound like easy listening after this one.

7 stars

Mike Thompson


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