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On disc: Black Thoughts Bleeding

- Tragedy Of Evolution - Leif Lohne - 9 stars

Tragedy Of Evolution

Tragedy Of Evolution
(self-released - 2008)

For a CD like this players got the Repeat button! Unfortunately the German guys have only 3 tracks at their EP - and it's really a pity! And so this disc keeps spinning for days and it's just a matter of time who gives up first - the player or the disc. Black Thoughts Bleeding managed to create a sound mixed of different elements which never sounds constructed. They are heavy, but the songs flow into another in a way I haven't heard since Anacrusis did it. Just awes! These guys know how to do it! It's the mix of clean vocals and growls which completes the thrashy heaviness and catchy melodies. Everybody who thinks that In Flames' sound is too polished and commercial, and everybody who likes bands like Dark Tranquillity or experimental acts like Anacrusis, should check out Black Thoughts Bleeding! I can't wait to hear more of these youngsters!

9 stars

Leif Lohne
(translation: Claudia Ehrhardt)


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