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On disc: Blacksoul Seraphim

Alms And Avarice - Lars Bjorn - 4 stars

Alms And Avarice

Alms And Avarice
(self-released - 2012)

Joshua Carrig is busy with several projects, and one of them includes the talented Morte MdAdaver in a shared dark metal band called Blacksoul Seraphim. They have created a debut album called Alms And Avarice, a quiet psychedelic band who play dark metal so slowly that the sorrow almost makes you sleep before it's over. Gothic boring music makes the backbone of what Blacksoul Seraphim is doing, and only on the song Plague Of Pawns there is freshness and creative ideas with a little tempo in the dark metal. What the deeper idea is with this album is beyond me, but hopefully Joshua Carrig is more lively in his future with the music.

4 stars

Lars Bjorn


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