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On disc: Black Sabbath

- The Best Of Black Sabbath - Amir Djawadi - 7 stars

The Best Of Black Sabbath

The Best Of Black Sabbath
(Raw Power - 2000)

They were part of the founding of heavy metal and 30 years after the band was founded they release a Best Of album. The original line-up with Tony Iommi, Geezer Butler, Bill Ward and Ozzy Osbourne created a new musical style. Singer Ozzy Osbourne's voice was and is unique and was a trademark for their music. After Ozzy Osbourne left he become a very successful solo artist. But in their early days Black Sabbath and Ozzy became very famous. The critics didn't liked every release, but the fans loved every album and admired their stars. Later bands honored Black Sabbath with covering their songs, for example Pantera covered Planet Caravan and presented the song in a new sound.
After Ozzy left the band they had to deal with several line-up changes and so a time of less success followed. Ronnie James Dio joined the band and after he left he became a famous solo artist as well. More line-up changes followed and the band had to go through ups and downs, but never made it big. In 1999 the band was back with the original line-up. The following tour was very successful and the fans celebrated their heroes. The old classic tunes from their early days been celebrated decades after they been written and sold-out arenas documented that.
Songs like Paranoid, Iron Man, War Pigs or Sabbath Bloody Sabbath are history and so these tracks plus 28 other songs made it onto this double CD. For fans a compilation of the most important songs and for the younger generation an overview of the musically history of this living legends.
Who don't know the classic tracks of Black Sabbath, don't know the basis of heavy metal! Only a live performance of the quartet is missing to complete this lesson in heavy metal history. With this CD they started it...

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Claudia Ehrhardt


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