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On disc: Black'n Blue

Hell Yeah - Claudia Ehrhardt - 7 stars

Hell Yeah

Hell Yeah
(Frontiers Records - 2011)

Frontiers signed the American band Black'n Blue which was active in the 80's and since they split up in the late 80's they gave it a try a few times, but nothing lasted. And for a few years Jaime St. James toured the world as the frontman of Warrant. In 2008 they gave it another try, and here they are with a new album called Hell Yeah! Well, it's not the original line-up, but only guitarist Tommy Thayer isn't part of the reunited band as he's contracted to Kiss.

First a bass riff, then drums... Whispered words and guitar riffs, it takes Black'n Blue a while to kick off the opener Monkey, a sleaze rocker with big choirs, taking you back in time, back to the days of hair metal. Songs like Target combine the 80's sound of Black'n Blue with a fresh sound - and cheesy or tongue-in-cheek-kinda lyrics. Hail Hail is a party rocker. Damn catchy. The balladesque opening of Fool's Bleed seem to lead you into a ballad, but then the tune becomes a catchy rock tune. A kind of power ballad. Back in the late 80's this one would have been on heavy rotation at MTV! C'mon is combining glam metal with the raw, heavy sound of the early 80's. Jaime's Got The Beer is just an interlude, a sonic joke which leads you over to Angry Drunk Son Of A Bitch. At So Long they remind me a bit of Trixter... Perhaps it's the simply vocal line... Falling Down make me think of Tyketto - peppered up with a dash of sleaze. Candy is a journey back in time, authentic 80's but heavier, more powerful. After the title track they offer World Goes Round, but this one isn't one of the highlights which make you spin the album again. If you don't stop the disc you'll get to the hidden track A Tribute To Hawking which offers acoustic guitars, a bit of Spanish guitar and some alienated vocals, then a short reference to Hail Hail... A strange piece of music, especially as the first note make you hope for a beautiful balladesque tune.

The album is fun, but some songs sound like they are from the 80's just recorded recently... The Razorblade City boys present a decent album, but if it's enough to keep up with youngsters like Dynazty and CrashDiët only time will tell.

7 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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