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On disc: Blackfield

- Blackfield II - Claudia Ehrhardt - 8 stars

Blackfield II

Blackfield II
(Snapper - 2007)

This is my first contact with the band Blackfield. Porcupine Tree's Steven Wilson teamed up with Israeli artist Aviv Geffen a few years ago and this is their second cooperation. Prog Rock fans might know their debut album - as I don't know it I can't compare the releases. Anyway, musically Blackfield is interesting for fans of Prog Rock, Art Rock and for everyone who enjoys some nice, ambient, almost poppy songs. Perhaps their music is best described as melodic pop rock, but there are progressive elements in their music still.
Most songs are sung by Steven Wilson, but Aviv Geffen takes over the vocals on Miss U while there are other songs where they share vocal duties. Lyrically most songs deal with sorrow and pain, but there is also some hope in them. Many singers say that writing lyrics is a therapeutic process for them and it seems that this can be said about Wilson's lyrics as well. Its the contrast between the lyrics and the beautiful melodies which makes this songs so much joy to listen to. Its up to the listener, if he / she wants to drown in the sorrow of the words or just let oneself get carried away by the melodies. Most songs are slow ones, but with Epidemic they speed up a little. The song rocks and the guitar riffing makes the track heavier, but the vocal line smooths off the edges. Still very catchy. Perhaps too sweet for some... An album you have to check out yourself, so listen to Once, Miss U and Epidemic.

? stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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