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On disc: Big Life

Big Life - Claudia Ehrhardt - 7 stars

Big Life

Big Life
(AOR Heaven - 2011)

Big Life is a new AOR act from the UK, but some will know the men behind the name Big Life. No other then Steve Newman and ex-Praying Mantis singer Mark Thompson-Smith are the driving force behind Big Life. They are joined by drummer / percussionist Rob McEwen.

The opening track is called Dying Day, the opening passage with keyboard and choir is very 80's pop like, but when the guitars join in it get's heavier. Great guitar play by Steve Newman. With Close To You they ease off a little, but it isn't a ballad... More a balladesque rocker... Make me think of Bad English. Better Man starts like a ballad but becomes a melodic rock track. Even if Mark Thompson-Smith vocals are emotional they can't touch me. The following Calling is a roller coaster ride with balladesque moments and heavy riffs. Even if the emotional parts won't give you goose bumps its more touching then Better Man. One of the highlights is Deep Water, a balladesque tune with a memorable guitar lead and catchy vocal line. A little melancholy... At Leaves they remind me slightly of Kick... A heavy rocker is Takin' Me Down! And another highlight off Big Life! It invites you to sing along, to have a good time. They close this chapter with a ballad called Nothing Without You.

A decent album, but it needs time to grow. There isn't a tune which will haunt you after the first spin.

7 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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