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On disc: Bible Of The Devil

For The Love Of Thugs And Fools - Lars Bjørn - 7 stars

For The Love Of Thugs And Fools

For The Love Of Thugs And Fools
(Cruz Del Sur Music - 2012)

When you want old school hard rock without so much complicated input in the songs, maybe you should give the new album from Bible Of The Devil a good chance. Their first record in 4 years is available now, and the Americans have prepared a mix of country and hard rock with a little influence from Thin Lizzy in their songs. As mentioned there are not the biggest of complex songwriting, only straight forward rock'n'roll for the people. This is their style, and with 13 years of playing this way their fans know what to expect. Sexual Overture / Away starts slow, but quickly speeds up the tempo with great rocking guitar sound. Raw And Order is their way to practice law and order, and here the country style gets priority along with the hard rock sound. Can't Turn Off The Sun is in the same style as the other songs, but with more intensity in the riffs and more direct rock music. The songs from Bible Of The Devil are rather simple, but a genuine and well worked production secures a good and reliable album.

7 stars

Lars Bjørn


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