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On disc: Beyond Fallen

- Mindfire - Philip Thelen - 6 stars


(Melissa Records - 2007)

Mindfire is the debut of US power metal band Beyond Fallen and their debut is released by Melissa Records. Actually this isn't their first release, coz the band released a 4-track EP and an album with 10 tracks on their own.
Beyond Fallen play power metal with a clear, powerful sound you know from US power metal bands. Heavy, powerful guitar riffs and a tight rhythm section combined with great guitar solos which vary. Okay, I have to get used to the vocals, coz I'm used to s different sound from power metal singers. In my opinion it needs a few spins to get used to the vocals...
Lyrically the songs deal with war and battles and so they remind me a bit of Manowar, but they have their own style. And a few spins later it sounds quite different... Songs like Act Of War or Enemy Of An Open Mind have their own sound. And with Close To The End they deliver a nice ballad. On every song you can hear the precise guitar play of Steve Jasuilewicz and Mike Johnson - and cool solos. These guys know how to play! And drummer Tom Garden is hitting it hard... Respect!
Check out: Act Of War, Blood On The Ice, Enemy Of An Open Mind and Close To The End.

6 stars

Philip Thelen
(translation: Claudia Ehrhardt)


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