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On disc: Betrayer F.T.M.

No Life Till Fury - Claudia Ehrhardt - 7 stars

No Life Till Fury

No Life Till Fury
(Violent Records - 2010)

Betrayer F.T.M. is a thrash metal band from Colombia, the band was founded in 2005 and released a demo in 2007 called Bestial Torment Rage. In 2009 an EP called Get What You Deserve. With No Life Till Fury they present their full-length debut.
The foursome is kicking off with Machine, a riff-based thrasher with fast parts and mid-tempo passages. Jimmy Acevedo is playing rhythm guitar and sings, he has a deep timbre and beside shouts he adds some growls. Drummer Felipe Ospina leads you into One Day Of Fury, a song which shows reminiscences to NWoBHM spiced up with a dash of Accept - all wrapped up in a thrashy sound. A bit like Tank on speed.... At La Orden Del Caos they use Spanish lyrics, again they combine different influences. Bay Area thrash peppered up with shredding guitars.
At No Life Till Fury Acevedo reminds me a bit of Mille at Kreator's early releases. Enjoy this fast one! The following Infernal Metal is showing off NWoBHM elements followed by thrashy parts - all with punky vibe. The closer The Burning Road (Bikes, Bullets And Rock'n'Roll) is another fast one, faster then what they presented before. After the machine gun-like vocals they slow down a bit for the refrain, a memorable guitar lead and vocal part show a different facet.
Betrayer F.T.M. don't present something new, but everybody who expects that from a band which claims to play old school thrash is out of his mind! Sure, you hear reminiscences to one or the other band, but hell most bands do that. The production isn't over the top, but quite good. There have been worse sounding releases in the 80's - and even these days -, so if you hesitate coz they are coming from Cali, forget your prejudices! And if you are a fan of 80's metal, then a running time just shy of 32 minutes won't make you turn away.

7 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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