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On disc: Betrayer

- Hostage Of Progress - Volker Raabe - 1 stars

Hostage Of Progress

Hostage Of Progress
(self-released - 1996)

Congratulations! You made it to deliver the worst album I have heard during the last 10 hours of writing reviews! Even if I just made it to track no. 4 which is Act Of Revenge I can tell that from the 3456 inhabitants of the town I'm living in exactly 3456 won't buy this one! Beside that 1978 of them can do better vocals then what I hear from my speakers! The instrumental party is doing there best and partly they sound fast and melodic, but then the vocals join in.

If you want to own the ultimate metal joke, then contact:
Jens Vierow, Barlachweg, D-38640 Goslar, phone & facsimile +49-5321-42416

1 stars

Volker Raabe
(translation: Claudia Ehrhardt)


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