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On disc: Gabriele Bellini

Human's Sound Signal - Claudia Ehrhardt - 7 stars

Human's Sound Signal

Human's Sound Signal
(Gatti Production - 2010)

In his home country Gabriele Bellini, the maestro, is quite known. The Human's Sound Signal is a special collection of songs from his last 3 albums, a trilogy, a sonic journey. And with this collection he tries to establish himself outside Italy. The songs are re-arranged and remixed. Additionally the album offers 3 new tracks.
Musically you can't place him easily, he calls his music Rock Evolution. At the 14 tracks he melts together different genres. His musical journey offers short stops in the sonic worlds of ambient, rock, classic, ethnic and electronic. It's an adventures travel and not everybody wants to take the challenge. And this album is a challenge! Some parts sound chaotic, but it's a planed chaos. The songs will surprise you, at Lumi di stelle Gabriele Bellini sounds Floyd-ish - and it's like taking a break from the sonic escapades. At some parts Mr. Bellini make me think of Faith No More, coz Mike Patton & his mates delivered some weird stuff. But don't expect metal tunes! E.g. Fenomeno (Evo-Revolution) he mixes electronic sounds and Balkan beats. The album is a roller coaster ride and I don't how to rate this one... There is no obvious target group, most will like one or the other song, but dislike others. It really depends on what are you looking for...

7 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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