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On disc: Bejelit

Emerge - Lars Bjørn - 9 stars


(Bakerteam Records - 2012)

Bejelit has their musical interests spread over several areas, symphonic, heavy, epical and power metal, as well as hard rock so the birds starts singing. Difficult to form a specific opinion on the Italian super band Bejelit, because they reach out to many groups of fans, it's like they are at home at almost every musical department. What they have made here has to be labeled as power metal, and the 13 songs gives evidence of metal that begins where others might not set their feet. Fabio Privitera has a vocal strength that leaves him ahead of most Italian singers, and their other phenomenal assets are the two guitarists who gives the album a body of perfection. The Darkest Hour is a very complex piece of music, but still a fantastic melodic power metal song that gets you jumping. C4 is another great song where they focus on hard pop metal and gets a great result of their efforts. The title song Emerge starts with a guitar attack and soon develops into a futuristic metal art that you have to listen to just to understand what they are made of, fantastic nevertheless. We Got The Tragedy brings a well measured and very deep kind of heavy metal out of the hat for their fans, well-worked in all phases of the music. To Forget And To Forgive shows how they make combinations of soft and hard rock music, and do it with a gentle touch. With the song Deep Water the Italians takes the control of symphonic fantasy metal that just becomes harder and harder the longer the song goes, a song that develops itself second by second. If you are more into a little odd music Bejelit also offer this, in the song Triskelion you will be taken by storm when they stir up a Russian folk metal to the boiling point, and for those who like the music to scare you, just listen to the last song, Boogeyman, creepy atmosphere with both slow metal and violins that softly takes you into the scary land where Bejelit lives.

9 stars

Lars Bjørn


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