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On disc: Before Eden

The Legacy Of Gaia - Lars Bjørn - 7 stars

The Legacy Of Gaia

The Legacy Of Gaia
(Rock It Up Records - 2011)

The story of Before Eden tells that they have not been so very productive so far, since their start in 1998 they have only put out one CD called Before Eden, and a small EP. Finally they released this album in 2005, The Legacy Of Gaia, and it's the same one that now comes in a new version for the European market, and also got a new cover design for it. In other words they want to explore the rest of the world with their 2005 album and they add 4 bonus songs. All their music is centered around the gifted keyboard player Juliano Scharf who writes all the music, and has a tendency of being in focus with massive keyboard footprints in all the songs. Wizard Of The South gives us very ambitious and intelligent keys that shifts into some long drawn epos as the song proceeds to grow wilder and more heavy during the run. Essence has the attention on the more heavy qualities of Before Eden, and vocalist Jaison Peixer reaches very wide with explosive power in his voice in one of the better songs on the album. Also on the song Enemy Eve the vocals are convincing and rough to supplement the epical powerful style of this song. Everlast turns the softer side of Before Eden into the light with good epic metal that is not getting too slow. The best song comes on Nova, an experimenting soft epic meeting of soft clever keyboard and guitars dueling in a song of very high class.

The general picture is that Before Eden does not make traditional songs with catchy choruses or melodic lines, it's pure keyboards and experimental music that dominates what Before Eden are doing. However they some good stuff out of it.

7 stars

Lars Bjørn


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