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On disc: Beehler

Messages To The Dead - Umberto Mino - 7 stars

Messages To The Dead

Messages To The Dead
(High Roller Records - 2011)

Oh my God.... Guess who's back? I can imagine your surprised faces people, but yes... Mr Dan Beehler the legendary drummer / vocalist of early Canadian heroes Exciter is back on the scene with their very first official release Messages To The Dead via High Roller Records. Personally I'm so happy for the return of this legend, because in these last 15 years he played only a bunch of shows in some festivals in Germany and I remember one time where I listened some songs on internet of an early incarnation of Beehler. First thing I think before I heard this CD was about the state of Dan Beehler's voice..... Can he posses the magic in year 2011??? The answer is obvious: Yes, he is still in perfect shape, but personally I have some doubts about some songs on this debut CD. Let me explain better, most of songs right here are pretty cool like the title track, or In Know One We Trust... but the guitars sounds so 'modern' sometimes ,and this thing is not good for the drum sound (old school sound) and for Dan's voice. But these are small details that will be resolved on their next release.

Now people salute the return of this legendary man and the band with his name, Beehler!!! Raise our glasses.....

7 stars

Umberto Mino


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