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On disc: Bedemon

Symphony Of Shadows - Lars Bjørn - 7 stars

Symphony Of Shadows

Symphony Of Shadows
(Svart Records - 2012)

Bedemon is still with us after their long wait for new material, it took 8 years for them to get new songs together for the album called Symphony Of Shadows. Their music is a groovy mix of stoner rock and doom metal, and they play it with elegance even on their slower songs where they just put extra nerve into the performance. Symphony Of Shadows has 9 songs that goes in the same bloodstream all the way, and it starts with Saviour, a song with hard pumping fast guitars where most of the metal fans can get some genuine joy from listening to them. Lord Of Desolation shows a humoristic side of the metal as it is played in a relaxed laid back way, but still consists of this slow and deep doom metal that Bedemon stands for. Son Of Darkness goes for the aggressive head banging image with good performance on bass to support the hardness of this doomy song. D.E.D. has a melodic build and is served in a mid-tempo heavy doom fashion, one of the better songs on their new album. To get some genuine stoner rock represented we get the melodic Kill You Now filled with speed but still maintains the qualities of real stoner rock genre to please the fans who prefer this sound from Bedemon. A good idea could be to be a little quicker with the next album so they won't loose fans on that account.

7 stars

Lars Bjørn


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