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On disc: Reb Beach

- Masquerade - Claudia Ehrhardt - 8 stars


(Frontiers - 2002)

Most will know Reb Beach from his work with Winger and also from the Erase The Slate album of Don Dokken, so it's hard to understand why he left Dokken. This is the answer! Reb recorded a solo album with long-time friends Tommy Bellin (bs) and Dave Throckmorton (dr). The album offers 11 hard rock tracks on a high quality level! Mr. Beach himself is doing the vocals and that was a good decision! His voice fits perfectly to the songs and even if he has a God-given talent, he use his guitar to support the song, the atmosphere of the track. The album opener Dark Places has some modern elements, but it's still hard rock! A typical track is the title track Masquerade which gives a good impression what this album is about. On Better Shade Of Gray and also some other tracks it probably would have been wiser not to use effects on the vocals... A track like Bleed combine heavy rocking parts with emotional, balladesque ones. To get an idea about the album you should also check out Red and the ballad Love So True which shows the whole spectrum of Masquerade.

8 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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