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On disc: Bare Infinity

Always Forever - Mike Thompson - 8 stars

Always Forever

Always Forever
(Emotion Art Music - 2009)

Bare Infinity is a symphonic female-fronted metal band from Greece. Bearing in mind how over-saturated this genre has become in recent years a band has to be especially good to be worthy of attention. Usually new bands come along claiming, or at least hyped up to be innovative, but generally end up being yet another average band with a pretty girl at the mic.
So what makes Bare Infinity any different? Do they indeed break the mould and find something new to separate them from the crowd? Now I'll cut to the chase here. If you've heard Within Temptation or Delain you'll recognize what Bare Infinity sound like. The clean singing of vocalist Angel combined with beautiful symphonic melodies and chugging guitars and occasional growling vocals. Its all been done before. Even the fact that Angel herself does some of the growling has been seen in other bands such as Germany's Xandria. Even the album art, nice as it is all seems a bit, dare I say, generic.
What does make Bare Infinity's first full-length stand out from the crowd is the sheer quality of the album. Yes, Bare Infinity have all the qualities that should just make them a generic band, but they surpass this by releasing an album that truly is a joy to listen to again and again. The songwriting and production is top notch and there isn't a bad song on the album.
Angel proves herself to be a diverse singer and although not operatic in the way that Tarja Turunen and Simone Simons are, she succeeds in connecting emotionally with the lyrics and making the listener feel as if she is singing only for them. Add to that the fact that she's a pretty good growler too and you certainly have a singer who could make it to the top of the ladder of female metal vocalists!
In conclusion this album is a stunning example of female fronted symphonic metal at its best. If you're a fan of the genre you should love it dearly, if you're not then give it a listen. It probably isn't going to change your mind, but you may as well hear this style of music done well before dismissing the whole genre.

8 stars

Mike Thompson


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