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On disc: Bad English

- Backlash - Claudia Ehrhardt - 9 stars


(Epic - 1991)

When the first album got released everybody was talking about a new super group, but pretty often this kind of things turn out to be a one album project. Now Backlash is out and it seems that they will stay around. No need to introduce the band members, coz they are known by every rock / hard rock fan.
They open up with So This Is Eden, a heavy groovy rocker which is based on guitar riffing. Perhaps not what some expected, coz this is really heavy for Bad English, but it fits very well to the band. Especially Neal Schon's guitar and John Waite's voice make Bad English special, but without the other band members this would probably not work... A heavy rock tune is Straight To Your Heart which vocals could be taken from some cheesy ballad, but they fit to this rocker very well. It would have some aggressive touch without Jonathan Cain's keyboards, but they take about off the edge. With Time Stood Still they offer a balladesque tune and probably this is what most expected from them. It starts with some acoustic guitar. An enchanting ballad. Very emotional. With mellow, slow parts and some harder ones. An acoustic version of this would be pretty interesting... Anyway, this one will last even when the band will be forgotten. A classic!
Beside Time Stood Still the track Savage Blue is one of my favorites. A heavy rocker with a balladesque touch.
If you don't know Bad English, you should check out So This Is Eden, Rebel Say A Prayer and Time Stood Still to get an idea about Bad English. Everybody who likes their debut, just buy it, no need to check it out first. Fans of hard rock and melodic metal will fall in love with this album and even fans of AOR might get addicted.
Produced by Ron Nevison there is nothing to complain about the sound.

9 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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