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On disc: Babylon Bombs

Babylon's Burning - Claudia Ehrhardt - 9 stars

Babylon's Burning

Babylon's Burning
(Deaf&Dumb - 2009)

The Swedish glam rockers Babylon Bombs are back with their 3rd album - Babylon's Burning. The opening track Liberation kicks off symphonically, but then they offer a hymnic glam metal tune with a dash of sleaze. Partly it reminds me of L.A. Guns... But in Babylon Bombs music you can also detect some old Mötley Crüe and a bit of Guns N' Roses. Liberation is based on a heavy drum beat, pumping bass and screaming guitars. At the title track I miss a bit the dirty rock sound... Perhaps a bit too polished, but very powerful production by Chris Laney. The four Swedish rockers are heavily influenced by the early 90's and their music is pure fun. After two rockers they slow down a bit for Resurrection Love - at least for awhile. But then the song explodes - and they switch back and forth. At Nobody's Home the bring back the old, raw Mötley Crüe sound mixed with a bit of Hanoi Rocks. A happy up-tempo rocker is Angel Eyes. They stay on the chosen path and offer more catchy rockers, but vary a bit, so Rattle My Bones reminds me slightly of Great White... But I love Great White, so I don't mind at all. Towards the end of Shine On they add some violin and so give it a symphonic edge as well as some heaviness. A heavy bass riff leads you into Goodbye Good Luck, but I think with this album luck won't leave them!
Great sleaze / glam metal album which some will find a bit too polished, but at least it's powerful and it will entertain you! So, if you like the before mentioned bands and like bands like Dynazty and Crashdiet, then check out the new album of Bablyon Bombs!

9 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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