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On disc: 7Days

Into Forever - Claudia Ehrhardt - 8 stars

Into Forever

Into Forever
(Liljegren Records - 2010)

7Days is the brainchild of guitarist, keyboarder and composer Markus Sigfridsson who some might know from Dark Water and Harmony. 7Days' debut The Weight Of The World I don't know, so I can't compare the releases.
The intro Through Dark And Light opens up and leads you Into Forever. Musically 7Days are based in progressive power metal spiced up with atmospheric sounds. The line-up features Daniel Flores on drums, Kaspar Dahlqvist (keyboard solos), Andreas Passmark (bass) and the singers Caroline Sigfridsson, Thomas Vikström, Christian Liljegren and Erik Tordsson.
Fast drumming, heavy bass and guitar riffs are building the playground the keyboard and vocals. Slowly they head into The Innocence In Me, but soon heavy riffs join in and symphonic elements been added before they storm off into this heavy and progressive power metal track. The combination of Caroline Sigfridsson's voice and her male counterparts works well and partly they remind me of old Lions Share - but heavier. At the other hand there are some slower passages where the vocals are the centerpiece. During instrumental passages the guitar steps up and takes over the lead. With You Hold The Key they have a quite catchy prog power metal tune which surprises with twists and turns. The melodic guitar play is another advantage in the 7Days' sound. Crossing is more an interlude between the heavy Enter A Dream and We Cry No More which sounds like an Evergrey tune, just the distinguish vocals of Tom S. Englund are missing. After Under The Sun harmony vocals kick off Scattered Mind. First balladesque, they later add heavy riffs and the song becomes an ultra heavy mid-paced rocker with great harmony vocals. With Final Wisdom they offer an almost 20 minutes long opus. Overall a good one, even if the bridge between the different chapters aren't always perfect, but well they do better then many other bands. This long track has a lot of instrumental passages and I partly miss vocals, but that's more a matter of taste then a lack of quality.
The closer is What Matters and is based on heavy riffs and melodic keyboard play. The up-tempo rocker is a good way to finish the album as it reminds you of the trademark sounds of 7Days. Not really an earcatcher, but the tune offers some nice vocal lines.
Into Forever is a more than solid progressive power metal album which genre fans should check out. I recommend to check out: You Hold The Key, We Cry No More and Scattered Mind.

8 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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