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On disc: 77

High Decibels - Lars Bjørn - 8 stars

High Decibels

High Decibels
(Gutterview Records - 2012)

Armand Valeta do the rhythm guitar and the singing of the band 77. Everything is centered around the sound that AC/DC had in the 70's, and anybody of our readers who are old enough to have been to a concert with AC/DC with Bon Scott on vocals will know what I'm talking about. That way Angus Young and Bon Scott connected on stage was so special that no AC/DC wannebees can reach that genuine touch. On the other hand there are some great songs on this album, starting with High Decibels (not High Voltage), 77 call their song High Decibels but it is built exactly the same way. Let's Beat It Up is the genuine old school AC/DC sound. Backdoor Man is one of the better songs, soft style version of their hard rock added lots of boogie rock that was also a quality AC/DC made their mark. Melting In A Spoon turns the hard rock button to a new strong level, the song is a copy of What Do You Do For Money, Honey and here 77 gets a really good result of their efforts. The the strange song comes, Since You Been Gone. This song has nothing to do with the monster hit that Rainbow provided, but it is from that same period of time, a little strange I must say. The scoop comes in the last song, Things You Can't Talk About. This is AC/DC rhythm as though Angus and Malcolm Young were standing in your living room and especially Angus playing his sublime solos. Blunder, close your eyes and you can feel them.

Good idea to make such an album, because 77 get the most of the things right.

8 stars

Lars Bjørn


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