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On disc: 6th Awakening

Psycho Path - Lars Bjørn - 8 stars

Psycho Path

Psycho Path
(Tmina Records - 2012)

Psycho Path is the title of the debut album from the Swedish band 6th Awakening. Hard and powerful metal, and above all with some creative elements that add many spices to the already exciting and developing kind of power metal that 6th Awakening plays. The vocal performance is made by male growling and female clean singing, a combination known from other bands, but Lovisa is not dominant enough to let her voice get what it deserves. That should probably be worked on for future albums. A futuristic touch comes already on the first song, Raw, where the atmosphere in the songs body gets more and more dangerous, this is really worth a listening. Nightlife shows that 6th Awakening controls the task of writing competent power metal with a good balance in the singing duets. Psychosane is futuristic melodic powerful metal, and it has all the quality that you look for in super well-written power metal song, fantastic. One More Day is another hard fine power performance from 6th Awakening where they give full speed on the highway. A really special song also finds its way into this album. Tier is about techno tones combined with power metal, strangely enough it is possible to get something good out of that experiment, but 6th Awakening makes it work. The last song is a tempered demonic masterpiece, a song where Lovisa shows that the slower singing style suits her a little better, My Girlfriends Girlfriend is both melodic and dangerously demonic at the same time, and it is filled with a spirit which promises more success for the Swedish band 6th Awakening.

8 stars

Lars Bjørn


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