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On disc: 3HM

- Three Headed Monster - Claudia Ehrhardt - 4 stars

Three Headed Monster

Three Headed Monster
(Melissa Records - 2007)

3HM is a band from Massachusetts . Musically Three Headed Monster is based in US metal, 80's heavy metal and you can find also some thrashy parts and some progressive elements. The opening track is called Varan and starts with some spoken words which seems to be taken from a movie. But soon the listener realizes that this is an instrumental album. To be honest, instrumental albums bore me! Even if the guys keep an eye on the melody line, the song is not catchy. The song would probably work better with lyrics... The band members are fans of monster movies like Godzilla the song titles indicate. There would have been the chance to create the atmosphere of this genre, but somehow the music is passing by and leaves no impression. Sure, they know how to play, they have the skills, but this isn't enough! Especially as instrumental albums aren't popular and only a very few artist really sell instrumental albums. Sorry guys, but I would recommend you to look for a singer and start allover again.
Technically well played, but the instrumental tunes can't keep the interest of the listener and don't manage to hook you up. And even if the album is only 40 min., it's too long for me!

4 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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